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Home of The Fairy Lights Tree

Decorating with fairy lights just became a lot more fun! With our Fairy Lights Trees you can create soft ambiance in any room of your home and add a touch of personality even to the most plain living room or bedroom. Designed to perfectly compliment any interior, and to keep all fairy lights enthusiasts happy, the tree is perfectly adjustable so you can fit it even in the smallest corners of your room. These tree with white or gold LED lights are as much fun as you can have outside the Christmas season, but they make also a wonderful gift during the festive period.

With their delicate lights and bendable wire branches, our Fairy Lights Trees are subtle way to add a bit of magic to your home. They are easy to decorate with, and most importantly add a soft magical light accent to any room. Whether they’re used for a special occasions or as a replacement of your night lamp, they brighten up your home and lift the spirits for anyone who looks at them.